Etta Toronto’s Book – A Gift With a Lift

Gift with a Lift

      When you get to Heaven
      You will likely view
      Many folks whose presence there
      Will be a shock to you.

      But keep very quiet,
      And do not even stare–
      Doubtless there’ll be many folks
      Surprised to see *you* there.

            Page 16

Attached to this blog entry is a copy of my Grandma Toronto’s gift to each of her grandchildren, a book, A Gift with a Lift. As the title page says, it is one of her most priceless possessions. It is a reprinted copy of her very own collection of sayings, poetry, articles, scriptures and maxims. I have to admit, it is also one of my own priceless posessions. It went with me on my mission, and I doubt if I’ve ever prepared a talk when I didn’t use something from this book. But it really is best for just browsing. Open it to any page and you’ll find something amazing. Give it a try. Download it here.

      Dear father was a goodly man.
      His deeds will live forever,
      He loved his family, friends and all
      Good and bad together.

      He did so many fine, good things,
      He taught, “Love one another”.
      But the finest thing he ever did,
      Was when he married mother.

            Page 30

         My love has flew
               Her did me dirt
                     Me did not know
                           Her was a flirt

                           To they in love
                     Let I forbid
               Lest they be dood
         Like I been did.

            Page 34

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  1. Barbara Morrell says:

    Joe, Wonderful job on this website. I’m so glad you scanned Grandma’s book. I needed one of Grandma’s quotes fast for a talk and googled it, not really thinking I’d find it online, but here it is! Elaine told me about the site last year and it was wonderful to hear Gr Gma Alma Elizabeth’s voice. Thanks for all you are doing. I am going to send this link to my whole family. Barbara

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