Greetings From Tahiti – by Maria Moody

I thought you might be interested in this note I sent to Cousin Scott Miller after the last General Conference:

Hi Scott, It is always a delight to see and hear you on the Tabernacle Choir broadcasts. We see them live here in Papeete every Sunday morning at 5:30 am on BYUTV. I like to think about the audience on the other side who also rejoice in your gift of voice, starting with your Dad and Wally & Martha.

I asked my brother John to send me your email address so I could share this Conference insight with you —

A Conference insight — I was quite touched today by what I felt was a “tender mercy.” After President Monson concluded his talk with references to the Rome Temple, the choir sang The Spirit of God. The first tenor voice to sing was Scott Miller. Scott is a great-great grandson of Joseph Toronto. How special to have a descendant of Giuseppe singing just after the Prophet talked about the Rome Temple. Just a coincidence? President Monson had referred to Elder Lorenzo Snow, Elder Stenhouse and Elder Toronto in his comments at the ground-breaking ceremony of the Rome Temple. Anyway I thought that was worth noting.”

And just to keep you posted: Here is this month’s blurb for our Third Ward newspaper with a link to a new song.

Third Ward Epistle
July 2011

A Musical Evening in Tahiti On Sunday, May 29
We attended a piano recital for students who had been taught using the Church materials for developing piano skills. Our neighbor Jenny Riemer was the dedicated teacher. It was rewarding to listen to these students from Primary age up to 25 play a hymn of their choice from the book Hymns Made Easy. One student selected Testimony “to please President Moody.” We were happy to see the fruits of this program which was produced under Michael’s direction many years ago.

Bless This Land
Michael has composed a new song in honor of the 4th of July. Sally DeFord, a gifted musician and text writer wrote the words for this song and asked him to compose the music. Here is the link to download a copy and to read about this song:

I continue to appreciate your website which brings Toronto Family History to Tahiti. Merci!

With our love to you all,

Maria Moody

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