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The mission of the Joseph Toronto Memorial Foundation as described in the original 1956 Non-Profit Incorporating Charter is, “for the purpose of receiving gifts, devises and bequests; testamentary and non-testamentary, for specific or non-specific purposes, of money and property, to be managed, administered and applied for charitable, religious, social or educational purposes, directly or indirectly, and without discrimination as to race, color or creed;”.

At present, our plans are to continue to develop this website to help family members all over the world develop a greater sense of family and togetherness through family history and genealogy. The present Trustees of the foundation supervising any donated funds are James Toronto (Bob and Clara’s son), John Toronto (Joe and Ila’s son) and Joseph Toronto (Mont and Helen’s son).

Please donate a few dollars by clicking the link below to help pay the expenses of this website and to assist the foundation in developing more expansive plans to bring to you more history and to conduct in-depth genealogy to bring us all closer together as a family. Your support and participation is greatly appreciated.

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