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Your webmaster is seeking input and candidates for great header photos for this website. Since I’m a sucker for sunsets, I’m proposing one of these below. The first three are a Mediterranean sunset taken on Dec. 18, 2010 from a beach just outside of Taranto Italy.

This one happens to be my favorite so until I hear otherwise from someone, this will be the header. Besides, my wife concurs. She likes the rays of sunlight descending. Plus, it was taken in Taranto Italy, home of our forebears.

Here are a few others of mine, this one taken from Soldier Creek dam on Aug. 8, 2009.

and this following one taken a few minutes later when it was a little darker:

And this one taken from Draper of the Salt Lake Oquirrh Mountains on Sept. 18, 2009:

And of course there’s always the default photo that came with the theme and therefore, I have no idea where it was taken or who the guy in it is:

Let me know what you think in the comments below. If you have an appropriate favorite digital photo, send it in and we’ll post it for comment and feedback. If possible, I’d like our trusty website to remain original work.

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