Histories and Biographies Now Posted.

During a recent gathering of the legacy officers of this organization, (Jim, John & Carolyn, and Joe Toronto who’ve been in place since the 1980’s) it was agreed to try to re-energize the organization, establish a website and start posting as much history and genealogy as we can. That process has now begun with the establishment of this website. It is still very much in embryo and it’s form, format and organization will likely change greatly as we continue to add material.

As a starting point, a core group of eight histories and biographies have now been posted including Giuseppe Taranto, Alma Elizabeth Felt, Albert and Etta Toronto and Martha Anderson Toronto together with a couple of other articles and some photos. These can all be found here and from the Biographies and Histories menu link above.

As material is added, we hope to add menu links for other geneology, history, source documents, and perhaps even a family tree of descendants and relatives. Wish us luck. We hope to make this site interesting and compelling. You will find the material posted thus far is utterly fascinating. Please don’t forget to post comments and give feedback when you browse or read our material. And don’t forget to share and bring others here too!

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